Notice of pandemic prevention

【Notice of pandemic prevention】
On-line teaching of this semester will carry on up to the end of term, of which relative pedagogical approaches and evaluations please all lecturers handle with in flexible, multifaceted ways and take leniency into account in principle.

I.In response to raised severe special contagious pneumonia pandemic alert level, this school adjusts academic schedule in semester 109-2 after which having been approved by Ministry of Education in official missive no. 1100068994 date May 18, 2021.
II.End-of-term evaluation alters to be held on 17th week, which teachers could set different date instead for respective class. Week 18th is left for alternative, complementary teaching.
III.We advise class teachers handle the end-of-term evaluation as best as they can in the way by report writing or on-line test. Teachers should keep students in knowledge in advance about any changes to evaluation items or ways.
IV.Degree granted examination administered on-line in principle.
V.It depends on pandemic alert level for following adjustment.

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